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five years gone: watch post

Welcome to the watch post for the 20th episode of Heroes, "Five Years Gone." I'm going to watch starting at 10pm EST to give those in other time zones a chance to play, but please feel free to come and chat about the episode at any time! If you don't have the DVD's or a place where you like to stream from, send me a PM and I'll help out.

MOD NOTE: We're so sorry to have missed last week's watch of "Company Man." Real life unfortunately got in the way. Heads up that there may be changes to the schedule once we get into season two and onwards.

"FIVE YEARS GONE" (s01e20)

summary: Hiro and Ando experience the future timeline in which the explosion wasn't stopped. The President makes a serious decision with drastic consequences. Constantly on the run, Claire tries to lead a normal life. Peter must make a choice between trying to change the past and living in the present. Mohinder, now a government worker, is a reluctant persecutor of evolved humans. Homeland Security Director Matt shows no qualms about persecuting evolved humans. Future Hiro teaches his present-day self what he must do to prevent the explosion. (via heroeswiki)

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