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fallout: watch post

Welcome to the watch post for the 11th episode of Heroes, "Fallout." I'm going to watch starting at 10pm EST to give those in other time zones a chance to play, but please feel free to come and chat about the episode at any time! If you don't have the DVD's or a place where you like to stream from, send me a PM and I'll help out.

"FALLOUT" (s01e11)

summary: When Matt and Audrey follow up on a lead in the Sylar case, Matt discovers problems with his abilities that he has experienced before. As Peter is held for questioning, he continues to have strange dreams. When Claire tells her father the truth, he reveals he already knew of her abilities, even before she did. Mr. Bennet and his organization imprison Sylar in a maximum protection cell. Hiro and Ando finally meet up with a rehabilitated Isaac. When Jessica's actions threaten Micah, Niki makes a tough decision. Eden decides to take matters into her own hands. (via heroeswiki)

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questions / comments / why hello
Man, Claire does not react enough to the fact that HRG just casually drops that he watched all her secret tapes, lol. I would flip.
I miss Clea Duvall. I want her to get more work again jeeze. Last I saw her was in a one-off New Girl episode.
Ha, Nathan has blood on his collar from hugging Peter. That's lovely. Well, he does in one of the shots. C'mon continuity people!!
Hm, that shot of Peter in the cell is so like Sylar in the cell. Already doin' the parallel they'll never truly commit to doing, oh show.
She wants to talk to Peterrrrrrrrr
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1 year ago

Gosh, I love Thomas Dekker.
The way everyone's paths cross is WONDERFUL. I don't know how the show does it--keeps it so delightful and exciting and powerful.
Oh, Niki :'(
AHHHHhh Claire finally made a best friend and HRG took him awayyyyyyy.
"You collect special people. So do I." Lolz.
He speaks <333333
"Can you keep. A secret."

EPIC. I still quote this.
That Sylar and Eden scene is SO MUCH.

It always ate away at me though that she gave him an order and he did something else. HOW. All they had to do is have him attack first for the scene to not take me out of it. Like, are we gonna have to wank that it has to do with her not putting the gun in the slot yet?
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