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four months ago: watch post

Welcome to the watch post for the 8th episode of Heroes Season 2, "Four Months Ago". Please feel free to come and chat about the episode at any time! If you don't have the DVD's or a place where you like to stream from, send me a PM and I'll help out.

"FOUR MONTHS AGO" (s02e08)

summary: Peter Petrelli teleports back to Montreal from the future. Suddenly, Peter hears a noise and, on instinct, fires a lightning bolt at the source. A hand pops out of the shadows and absorbs the lightning bolt, healing itself in the process. Adam Monroe then steps out. He is puzzled as to why Peter doesn't remember him, but then realizes that the Haitian must have taken his memory. (via heroeswiki)

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If anyone else is here - I think the show mentioned why Peter could call up abilities even though he'd lost his memories (and therefore the link to the ability) but I can't remember what the reason was or if it was in 2x02, 2x03....
"did you have to use the full blast on him?" / "he can take it" OH MY GOD K I WISH YOU WERE HERE
"you'll get used to it. and then you'll start to like it."
with angela stroking heidi's hair and arm and my dive back into the soa tag today, I'm really thinking about parallels between gemma & tara and angela & heidi.

angela doesn't kill heidi, does she?
I'm still seeing Maya's ability as a manifestation of her panic attacks, and then Alejandro is the only one who can calm her down/end the curse. It ties in with the possibility of abilities being difficult to distinguish from real life illnesses, like multiple personality disorder.

Still, I don't know if the writers thought that far ahead.
so next week is christmas! but I will still try to update with the watch post even if I can't watch it with....whoever is here next week