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six months ago: free-for-all post

This is a free-for-all post for the 10th episode of Heroes, "Six Months Ago." Post about your favorites from the textbox below, or prompts for discussion or fic, or pretty much anything. Have fun!

"SIX MONTHS AGO" (s01e10)


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questions / comments / why hello
HOW DO WE MAKE PEOPLE CARE ABOUT HEROES AGAIN. Inquiring minds want to know.
I dunnnnoooo. To be fair I've been pretty busy/tired myself.
I feel like this is where real life is as much to blame as tumblr for LJ. all the old faces on the block have more real life responsibilities nowadays :/
That's very true. Although I do know that if it was more active, 1.) people dropping out from time to time in busy life periods would be less noticeable, 2.) I at least would be a lot more motivated to post/comment/etc. ya know?
fic prompts
heroes au, eden as sylar
claire/eden, based off the deleted scene where they were actually friends
meta prompts